Clients like us because we are fast, flexible, responsive and very good at what we do. We listen to what they want, and share what we know. Beyond that they all have specific reasons for choosing us. These are a few of them.
  • We have a different business model and philosophy that is more about outputs than structures. And we understand that a budget is a budget.
  • We use small, multi-skilled crews. This is not just cost effective; it also keeps projects intimate. We can draw the best out of the people and capture the special moments.
  • We own an extensive range of modern, professional visual and audio equipment suitable for use in any situation.
  • We are flexible and allow for client input as the project unfolds.
  • We can be deployed quickly to anywhere around Australia or the world. Our production and post-production gear is transportable.
  • We have experience and clearance for working with children, with people with disabilities or mental health issues, and in remote communities.
  • We have experience producing media in various languages and with Auslan or audio description.
  • Every project is carefully and creatively nurtured by our Producer Lara Damiani who works closely with each of our clients to ensure relevant, timely and smile-generating results.
  • We make each experience memorable through our relaxed, professional and fun approach !