We hope these six examples of our work give you a taste of what we do, how we do it and what we can offer you. We are pretty proud of all of them.
UNDP Solomon Islands SWoCK Project
Lara was selected as the international consultant to produce five 15-20 minute videos about UNDP’s SWoCK Project in the Solomon Islands, which is about enhancing resilience to climate change in agriculture and food security. She collaborated with the Honiara based SWoCK team and travelled to various locations with the Project Officer who conducted the interviews while Lara did the filming. Lara shot, directed and edited all five films.
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NDIS Citizens Jury
Think Films was commissioned by People With Disability Australia to produce a 15-minute documentary about the NDIS Citizen’s Jury, a four-day event where people from around Australia came together to deliberate on the Federal Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Fully accessible versions for hearing and sight impaired people were also produced and a comprehensive suite of photographs was provided to the client.
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CUFA – Cambodia Resettlement Project
A suite of two short films (10 mins and 3 mins) demonstrating the impact of CUFA’s resettlement project in Poipet and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Watch the 3 minute video

Sundarbans Mangrove Ecotourism Project
A short film made by Lara about Relief International’s Mangrove Ecotourism initiative in Bangladesh.

Peter Coombs Eyewear
This was a favour for a friend and we are pretty pleased with the result – and it was great fun to do. It was shot mainly handheld using a 1960s lens and the music track was created by the ambient audio captured during the shoot.
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Tibet’s Cry for Freedom – feature documentary for TV
This is Lara’s 52-minute documentary on the history of Tibet since occupation in 1949/50. It has been shown on international television and screened at 14 international film festivals and in cinemas around Europe, the US, the UK and Australia. Narrated by Australian actress Kerry Armstrong, the documentary features an exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama.