I was delighted with Think Films’ video for the 2015 Come Out Festival. Lara really managed to capture the essence of our large, often unwieldly event involving lots of children. The outcome speaks for itself. It’s gorgeous.
Susannah Sweeney
Creative Producer, dreamBIG Children’s Festival (formerly Come Out Festival)


Lara is known for her capacity to go the extra mile. She is committed to being able to get stories onto film that are high quality and reflect accurately the brief she has been given. This often means spending more time on assignments at her own expense. There would be few filmmakers with the experience Lara of working in diverse conditions and environments – both physically, geographically, culturally and linguistically. She is one of the most respectful people I know.
Moira Deslandes
Moira Deslandes Consulting


Lara is a consummate story teller. Her ability to combine stunning footage [shot by herself], moving scripts and music into a piece of art can’t help but draw people in, making it easy to tell your story, whatever it is.
Kym Cheek
Senior Consultant


Lara is a creative thinker who is passionate about development issues. She takes time to understand the goals that her clients are trying to reach and their issues of concern. Lara has a strong ability to develop and motivate his/her peers/colleagues/team members.
Lara has worked with people from all different backgrounds and she is interested in different cultures, which are often the focus of her works. She has a deep respect for diversity. Her strengths include her ability to understand development issues and turn this into creative, engaging video materials.
Elisabeth Hiller
Small World Stories


I found Lara to be highly competent and very knowledgeable in the area of video-making; very creative; highly organized and client-oriented; well-resourced, very adaptable, team player and works extremely well under pressure to manage her work and meet very tight deadlines.
Kristina Fidali
UNDP Solomon Islands