The Day I Made an Accountant Cry

August 16, 2016 Lara Damiani Blog, News

Last weekend, I was invited to lunch. On Saturday I sat at a table in a room of 300 people at a fundraising event. Next to me was an accountant. We’d never met before but we were connected that day by one thing – our support for the work of Sight For All, a charity founded by Adelaide Ophthalmologist Dr James Muecke.

I first read about James and his work with Sight For All a few years ago in the national Australian newspaper “The Australian”. Being inspired by what I’d read, I emailed James to offer my help should the opportunity arise, to work for Sight For All using the skills I know best – documentary filmmaking. Earlier this year, I had that opportunity and travelled to Vietnam and Bangladesh documenting James and his work with Sight For All.

During the lunch, the accountant sitting next to me was asking me questions about my work. We both laughed at how our lives and our work were at polar opposites.  He was curious to know about where I’d been and what I’d done and he asked me the question: “what’s something that has made you cry?”. I thought about it for a while and then I told him:

“When I was in Hanoi working with James and filming his work with small children in the operating theatre at the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology, on my first day there I was filming parents with children who’d come in to have examinations under anaesthesia. This is a common screening process that’s undertaken. After the examinations were complete, and the children had recuperated in the small and crowded recovery room, a grandfather came in to talk with James and two other doctors there, Dr Chau and Dr Trang (who do amazing work). The grandfather was holding his small granddaughter. She was about two years old. There was an emotion so intense in that room as I stood behind the camera filming the doctors telling the grandfather that this small child would have to have her eye removed in order to survive. The grandfather looked down at the small child he was cradling in his arms and began crying. It wasn’t so much the sadness of the news he’d just learned that then made me cry, although that’s horrendous news to have to receive, but it was the immense love the grandfather had for his granddaughter which I could literally feel. That love and his reaction to the news made me turn away from my camera and cry silently.”

As I was talking I watched the tears welling in the accountants eyes.

It’s emotionally and physically draining work that the doctors of Sight For All do on a daily basis. Doctors Chau and Trang in Hanoi are two of the most compassionate and dedicated women I have ever met and Doctor Muecke continues the important work of Sight For All in a number of developing countries in his quest to ensure that all children receive the best ophthalmology services possible.

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Photo:  a screen grab taken from some of my footage. The grandfather holds his small baby granddaughter in the waiting room pre surgery in Hanoi, Vietnam.