Why simple things are the best things. (Development documentaries can show the power of simplicity…and that’s why I love making them)

September 16, 2016 Lara Damiani Blog

I think simple things are the best. It’s cliche, I know but in this chaotic world of ours, it’s a thought that often gets lost.

Last year I worked with the UNDP Solomon Islands SWoCK Project team to produce a series of videos demonstrating the impact of their SWoCK Project.

In Pidgin, SWoCK stands for Strongem Waka lo Community for Kaikai which translates roughly into Developing Resilience in Agriculture and Food Security. It was a project with simple objectives – and great impact. The Solomon Islands, like many Pacific Island nations, is highly susceptible to the effects of climate change and in particular rising sea levels. It’s a serious concern for the many communities scattered along the coastlines and elsewhere.

As part of our travels, we interviewed John Thomas from the small community of Rade Aekoa. John and his family are dependent on the range of vegetables that John grows for their food. The SWoCK Project helped John expand his range of vegetables as well as provide infrastructure for his chickens whose manure fertilises his garden.

Across the Solomon Islands, the dedicated team of the SWoCK Project worked closely with a number of communities providing support (ranging from growing workshops to food banking, seed planting and more) and simple infrastructure (such as chicken coops and water tanks) to assist communities develop resilience to climate change by maintaining their own food supplies.

While the SWoCK Project had a number of simple aims, they were aims that produced great results that will have great impact. It’s projects, and people, like SWoCK and farmer John Thomas who remind us that the simple things can be the most important.

Especially as we all struggle with the demands and challenges of our daily lives in this often crazy world.