Collaborative filmmaking. I love it when everyone gets involved.

June 16, 2017 Lara Damiani Blog

Something that’s always been important to me in my work is being able to involve those around me in the filmmaking process.

Recently, I was on assignment in Bougainville in the Pacific, working with CUFA Project Officers travelling to a number of villages to interview people who have participated in and experienced the impacts of CUFA’s projects that focus on giving young people much needed skills in financial literacy, employment skills, micro-enterprise development skills and more.

I could see how keen a couple of the project officers were about the camera, so with some on-the-job training and a lot of enthusiasm, they showed their skills in the field behind the camera.

People talk about Participatory Video, which is something else I’m really passionate about, but I think it’s also about providing opportunities for participation (and new skills) with the people I work with in the field. Giving them the chance to get behind the camera or work with audio.

I love being able to do this as part of my job. Collaborating and sharing what I’ve learnt with those around me is just part of my approach to what I do.