Artists of Ampilatwatja – Beverly Pula Luck

The Project

Some of Australia’s best artists live in the desert. Lara was filming in Ampilatwatja, in central Australia, in 2014. The idea came to produce a series of short films showing artists describing their work in language. The Northern Territory Government liked the idea, and funded seven short films, produced in collaboration with the Artists of Ampilatwatja Arts Centre.

The Brief

Promote the work of the artists of Ampilatwatja.

The Team

Based on a concept devised by Lara Damiani

Camera, direction and editing: Lara Damiani
Colour: Danny Phillips
Sound: Carlos Manrique Clavijo
Illustration: Ana Maria Mendez Selgado
Animation: Karu Karu Studio
Music: Jakub Gaudasinski