What Drives Me and How It Helps You

April 16, 2018 Lara Damiani Uncategorised

I love stories. Stories that can inspire and educate and motivate.

When I made my first feature documentary I chose a subject that wasn’t the easiest – but, for me, it was a subject I wanted to shine an international spotlight on. The subject was Tibet. Not from the point of view of the splendour and beauty of its countryside and landscape, nor from the point of view of it’s national religion and the depth of the principles of Buddhism or the colour and richness of the visual narrative. My story was about the debate between the Dalai Lama’s political Middle Way Approach and those of the Independence activists. Who is right. Who can win. What does the future hold ? An interesting and cyclical complex debate.

Since making and releasing that documentary on international television, the one thing that has driven me forward is my belief in the power of visual stories to communicate and educate, to motivate and inspire, to create debate and change.

Since then, I look for stories that can help organisations demonstrate their impact but that also have a social message. Most recently, my short film “Little Bang’s New Eye” – about a young girl from Vietnam and her journey with retinoblastoma, a form of childhood eye cancer, made for Sight For All, demonstrates the work and impact that organisation is having in eye health care in developing countries. (The film has recently won two awards and will be screened at it’s first international film festival later this month). And more than that – it also allows those of us in the developed world a unique insight into life for those who are faced with the sorts of challenges that many of us are not exposed to. I think it’s a great reminder about appreciating what we have and understanding what others go through.

I’m driven to tell these types of stories and it’s this drive that I bring to my work which I believe creates a unique opportunity to help you tell your stories in the a way that multiplies your impact and helps you reach your audiences in a genuine and heartfelt way.