Think Films supports not-for-profits, NGOs and individuals and organisations who are driven to create social change to demonstrate and amplify their impact by producing content that connects with people.
When people experience Think Films, they connect with a sense of authenticity, integrity, resilience, purpose and community.
We can help you create large-scale documentaries, shorter videos for screen or a live event, and all manner of productions for social media. In fact, we don’t only just make video content, we also provide a range of communications expertise to tailor your campaign. Some projects involve a variety of outputs. We enjoy creating work you can use in a variety of ways.
We can take your ideas and make them happen, or help develop those ideas in the first place.
We work around the world and in a range of languages. The common element is a commitment to quality, integrity, professionalism, purpose and always a sense of fun…oh and of course, creating content that illustrates social change !


Here’s an example of a piece from a suite of films made for Artists of Ampilatwatja – a remote community of very talented artists in central Australia. Concept by Lara Damiani, filmed and edited by Lara Damiani, colour by Danny Phillips, music composed by Jakub Gaudasinksi, animation and illustration by Karu Karu Studio and sound design by Carlos Manrique Clavijo.