Think Films is a purpose driven production studio making films for social change

We’re curious folk who love helping find solutions to some of our most pressing global problems by making films for change. Films that change perceptions, create inspiration and drive positive social change.

Award winning producer/director Lara Damiani co-ordinates each project, and brings together like-minded purpose-driven specialists and support teams for each project.

We love documentaries and believe they have the power to shift public opinion, mobilise support and inspire action. We know that documentaries help make social change.

Despite our name – we do much more than just films !

We’re passionate about compelling stories that can drive social change. 

What we do

We offer a niche selection of visual storytelling services, multimedia, documentary, immersive experiences and community development services.

If you’re seeking ethical, quality and compelling impact communications that put people and community at the heart of everything, you’re in the right place.

Documentary films

World-class documentaries (short and long form) that tell the real story, connect to your cause, make people think differently and offer multi distribution platforms. From concept to completion. From online to broadcast.

Impact Campaigns

We design and deliver strategic impact campaigns aimed at reaching audiences and amplifying messages.

Visual storytelling

High-quality photojournalism, photography, short films and social media productions that connect with audiences.

Interactive Multimedia

Engaging, informative and exciting interactive immersive experiences across a number of platforms, in collaboration with our partner animation and immersive campaign specialists.

Impact and evaluation videos

High quality films that help demonstrate your impact and offer a dynamic way to provide evaluation for your projects.

Participatory Video Projects

Working closely with community groups so that they can shape and create their own films.


Drop us a line if you’d like to talk about how we might be able to help you.

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