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Dusty Wicket Production begins by Think Film's Lara Damiani

dusty wicket


Situated between Adelaide and Alice Springs, Coober Pedy is Australia’s opal capital and a tourist mecca. It produces most of the world’s opals and is a prime location for many films and television shows. Home to over forty different nationalities, the population is hugely multicultural.


But it’s a town in trouble, and it’ll take a miracle to save it.


The Coober Pedy Council is on the brink of bankruptcy. After struggling to provide power and water to the isolated residents, the council has been suspended and an interim Administrator has been appointed.


The local Sri Lankan community, led by charismatic Dilusha Fernando, and joined by other concerned citizens, aren’t prepared to wait for ‘someone else’ to fix things. They’ve found a new home here with a safer, slower, lifestyle that they love for their kids. They want Coober Pedy to survive, and they’ve got a plan to spark the revival!


In a bid to raise a million dollars for a desperately needed Community, Sport, and Cultural Centre, the group embarks on an ambitious plan to host a high-profile fund-raising cricket match. They’ll pit their legendary, unbeaten local team of 14 cricket-mad Sri Lankan migrants against a team of retired Australian greats. 


The stakes are high. It’s not just about an enthusiastic group of locals. It’s not just about the cricket match. It’s about saving an entire town.


Multiculturalism is at the heart of the community and this story. Why did the new wave of Indian, Filipino, and Sri Lankan migrants end up in Coober Pedy? Do they miss their families? Will they choose to stay in the town once their visa requirements are fulfilled? Can they make a difference and save their adopted home? 


Narrated by legendary Australian Test Player, Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie, Dusty Wicket follows the twists and turns of this ‘build it and they will come’ journey and uncovers the emotional and personal stories of how these Sri Lankan families ended up calling Coober Pedy home.


Dusty Wicket is an uplifting documentary series about a group of cricket-mad Sri Lankan immigrants who decide to help save the iconic outback town that gave them a new home.  You can support this film with a tax deductible donation here.

Abdullah Zeinab, ultra-endurance cyclist, as he rides through the Australian Outback - Image from documentary 'Race to the centre'


Ultra offers an inspiring and intimate portrait of Adelaide born undefeated ultra-endurance cyclist Abdullah Zeinab, as he prepares for his biggest challenge to date – the 4000 kilometre Transcontinental Race across Europe.

Abdullah is an enigma in ultra endurance cycling and a hilariously entertaining individual. A self-taught filmmaker turned plant based athlete who’s won every race he’s entered to date. 
This race will be the ultimate test of mind, body and spirit and Abdullah looks not only to win, but to use this extreme feat of endurance as a catalyst to explore the depths of his inner self.

Ultra is not just a film about cycling. It’s a film about the lengths that one will go to in the pursuit of purpose, meaning and happiness.

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Featured Client

World Bank

Commissioned to make a short film for World Bank about the impact of their Second Chance Education Project in Timor Leste improving the lives of young people and adults affected by the decades of struggle after gaining independence where many Timorese lacked a basic education and more than a third of all adults were illiterate.

Through the success story of one graduate the video highlights the range of impacts the program has had.

Featured Client


Commissioned in 2019, Think Films produced a short documentary about the impact of The Hospital Research Foundation’s charity arm MESHA ( Military and Emergency Services Health Australia).

MESHA undertakes vital and life changing work aimed at improving the wellbeing of and improving current and former serving Australian military members and emergency service personnel and their families.

Featured Client

Green industries SA

Think Films has been supporting Green Industries SA since 2018. Our work has helped to tell the stories of their successes in helping create a sustainable South Australia.

Featured Client


A commissioned piece for the UNDP took the form of a series of 5 short documentaries highlighting the impact of their SWoCK Project in the Solomon Islands. This project was developed to help communities prepare and strengthen their resilience against the threat of rising sea levels, natural disasters and changing global temperatures.

A three-minute teaser of the project was later used by the United Nations’ General Assembly Forum on Climate Change.