Think Films is a purpose driven media production studio created by award-winning documentary filmmaker, media and campaign producer and social change enthusiast Lara Damiani.
Think Films now brings together the best of these corporate and creative worlds – an ability to make professional, targeted productions that suit a specific need, format and budget sits comfortably alongside a burning desire to tell a good story well. Most importantly, all of Think Films projects demonstrate positive social change.
Lara project manages every job and puts together a hand-picked team – unless she’s flying solo. Lara works with a range of photographers, sound engineers, editors, animators, illustrators, writers, cinematographers and researchers. She fosters relationships and work with local experts in developing countries in the spirit of collaboration.
When you engage Think Films, you not only have access to a great group of creative and committed professionals, you also support our social enterprise and the philosophy of business for social good !


“Mahmet’s Rainforest” by Lara Damiani and James Whitlow Delano: