Making Emmaus

The project

This documentary in production tells the remarkable story of Emmaus Community – a great example of successful independent community living for adults with mental health and homelessness challenges.

Emmaus Community is something quite unique – possibly the only one of its kind in Australia. Psychiatrists and community nurses have spoken about how Emmaus is able to reduce hospitalisation and dependency on the mental health system. Residents who live at Emmaus speak about how it’s changed their lives completely, and family members of those who live there have painted pictures of just how much Emmaus has had a positive effect on their sons, brothers, daughters and friends

The brief

A documentary project inspired by a visit to Emmaus Community in 2014 to make a short film demonstrating the impact of this unique community for adults dealing with mental health challenges. Currently looking for additional funding partners.

The team

Director/Producer: Lara Damiani
Story Consultant: Tania Nehme
Sound Design
: Carlos Manrique Clavijo
Editor/Colourist: Danny Phillips
Photography and videography: Claudio Raschella
Cinematographer: Pete Gleeson
Location Sound: Glenn Martin, Leo Guardo, Sasha Zastankovic