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a place to
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Exploring the impact of
Al Archer’s Emmaus Community

A beautifully emotional story of mental health, seen through the experiences of a group of people who found their sanctuary at the Emmaus Community in Perth.

This 26-minute documentary follows their challenges and shows the journey of the founder, Al Archer who through the experience has gained as much as he has given from those he has helped.

Featured on ABC Compass, the film received the highest rating view for the season with 518,000 views in its first month of broadcast helping the Emmaus Community to reach a new national audience. 

"Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful, heart felt story, of what can be done in our community and the incredible difference it can make to people who are as precious as anyone else in the world. THANK YOU"

Featured Client

World Bank

Commissioned to make a short film for World Bank about the impact of their Second Chance Education Project in Timor Leste improving the lives of young people and adults affected by the decades of struggle after gaining independence where many Timorese lacked a basic education and more than a third of all adults were illiterate.

Through the success story of one graduate the video highlights the range of impacts the program has had.

Featured Client


Commissioned in 2019, Think Films produced a short documentary about the impact of The Hospital Research Foundation’s charity arm MESHA ( Military and Emergency Services Health Australia).

MESHA undertakes vital and life changing work aimed at improving the wellbeing of and improving current and former serving Australian military members and emergency service personnel and their families.

Featured Client

Green industries SA

Think Films has been supporting Green Industries SA since 2018. Our work has helped to tell the stories of their successes in helping create a sustainable South Australia.

Featured Client


A commissioned piece for the UNDP took the form of a series of 5 short documentaries highlighting the impact of their SWoCK Project in the Solomon Islands. This project was developed to help communities prepare and strengthen their resilience against the threat of rising sea levels, natural disasters and changing global temperatures.

A three-minute teaser of the project was later used by the United Nations’ General Assembly Forum on Climate Change.